Must-reads before Starting a Blog

Must-reads before Starting a Blog

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Every blogger needs some inspiration. It is a big deal as now you are going to start a new phase of your life. You will be spending some quality time on your blog.  Sometimes, you might be feeling elated and sometimes sad, all based on the curve of happiness carved out of the view count on your blog. You must overcome this struggle if you want to move forward and this is not going to be easy.

That’s why there are so many positive people who would help you out throughout your blogging journey to build you into a professional. They are bonds of the blogging world and are helping others just like me, to accomplish what you want out of your blog.

For me, personally, it is all about bringing about a positive change in the world. Being a mechanical engineer, I always think about good ideas that might transform the world, but the constraint for me is the money involved in carrying out that research work. I need this blog in hopes to support my future research projects that will help to make this world a better place. Let’s keep our hopes high as this is not going to an easy journey (at least for now).

Here I present to you some of the most inspirational and intricate posts which are the must-reads before starting a blog:

1. February Blog Income Report – $49,607 – By Michelle

It is the first post that I saw that intrigued me about blogging. Earlier, I didn’t know that a blog could generate so much income just by sharing your ideas and doing what you love. This post has inspired me so much that I was bound to take my first steps towards starting a blog.

2. 3 Lessons I Learned After Being Fired From My Own Company– By Dale Patridge.

A Learning Experience. It describes the real-life struggle of a successful entrepreneur after being fired from his own company. It teaches us how to not give up in tough situations and keep moving forward no matter what. Inspirational stuff.

3. Stop Waiting to Be Picked – By Jeff Goins.

Short but power-packed. Another inspirational post. Jeff Goins has gone through a lot of struggle before his blog became a success. This is a glimpse of the motivational talks that kept him going.

4. Learn to Blog – by Crystal and Kelly

This post is more of a knowledge bank than a post. It contains the collection of about 85 +videos on how to improve your blog and that too for free. Both of these ladies gave in-depth analysis of various elements of the different areas involved in a blog. In these videos, both Crystal and Kelly share their blogging secrets on Google Hangouts while answering the questions for their audience. So, that makes this series richer in content.

5. How I started making full time Blogging Income – by Regina

Regina is one of the most sophisticated bloggers I know. She covers most of the key points in her blog posts, no matter which post you go through. This post is no different. Here, she had talked about her previous jobs and how they have helped her to grow into a brand. She then explains some of the key points on how you can make your blog successful. It contains almost everything for starting a blog with a bang. I am happy that I found her in the early stages of my blog.

I believe that this would have helped you in gaining a little bit of confidence for starting a blog.

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 Who are your favorite bloggers?

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